Discord Nitro 1 or 3 Month Code 2 Server Boost Free

Discord Nitro 1 or 3 Months + 2 Server Boost

  • This product will work only for new Discord users if you have previously used Nitro or Classic promo subscription, then you will NOT be able to use this code.
  • If you previously had a regular subscription for $10, this plan can be used.
  • Discord Nitro for a period of 3 months, activation via a gift link. Can only be used once.
  • After payment, you will instantly receive a link to activate Discord Nitro for a period of 3 months.
  • New Accounts are ineligible to get Redemption (i.e Just created few days ago)
  • Old More than 1 Months are good to go.
  • If you don’t have Credit Card for Activation contact us on Telegram.


Product Description

Discord Nitro Features 3 Month

  • Set animated GIF avatar.
  • Ability to use animated emoji.
  • Ability to use custom emoji everywhere (if the user has the right to use external emoji on the server).
  • Max upload size changed from 8MB to 100MB or 50MB with Nitro Classic.
  • Ability to share the screen in 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps.
  • Discord Nitro badge in profile.
  • Ability to change your discriminator. (Note: if your Nitro subscription expires, your discriminator will be randomly selected).
  • Server Boost to give your favorite server exclusive bonuses and a cool badge.
  • A special profile badge showing everyone that you support Discord.


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